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giovedì 17 novembre 2011


At the time of going to Press there were 65 students under training at NYD - (46 on IDSA  and 9 for the Norwegian rescue boats). Students are from several Countries and classroom teaching is held in four  groups, two in Norwegian, one in English and one in Russian. So it is challenging to organise the instructors. The practical work is carried out from six diving stations and with average temperatures minus 10-20C that can also be a logistic and technical challenge.
    The underwater welding capacity is also being expanded and in 2010  three complete packaged welding sets were bought from Speciality Welds (UK) and it is planned to buy 2 more.
     The Scuba training facilities are being uppgraded by building a brand new scuba station  using six complete new Interspiro scuba sets with twin composite tubes and two Interspiro DP sets (high preassure umbilical).  A second hand small 1.300 mm twin lock chamber has also been purchased and when upgraded and certied it will be used to back up the Scuba training.  Three new A-frames are being built and mounted to take diving baskets, and when nished there will be seven diving
baskets in operation on the pier.  Our new ofce is now nished and also our new conference room for eight to ten people.
    Finally it is of considerable interest that the Norwegian entrepreneurs (NBU) are writing a new inshore diving standard. Dag Wroldsen is a member and one of the senior members of his staff is the Secretary which means that the interests of IDSA will be well represented.

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